Update as published in the Raglan Chronicle - Rangitahi

Update as published in the Raglan Chronicle

Rangitahi Peninsula update / 

“The Rangitahi Team has put together the following progress update for the Raglan community with regards to the project at present.

The Rangitahi Peninsula is a five-minute drive from the Raglan township. Just look left as you drive over the one-way bridge and you will see the construction of the new bridge and subdivision taking place.   

The first stage of the development consists of 88 residential lots and 4 ‘mixed-use’ lots zoned for commercial, community and residential development. There will be a small community hub developed here to provide some basic services such as a café and boutique shop and office spaces. The community hub will adjoin a public park and access to Rangitahi walking tracks around the peninsula. It will essentially be the heart of the Rangitahi peninsula community. The vision for this area is to become another character place outside of the Raglan township, just like the Raglan wharf is, providing community vibrancy…”

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