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Meet the locals: An interview with Alice Gironella

An interview with local Architectural designer Alice Gironella, owner of Rubix Architecture based here in Raglan.

What is your business called and when did you start it?

I launched ‘Rubix Architecture’ at the beginning of 2018 working from home but worked in this industry for the last 10 years, graduated in 2008. 

You can find more info on our website and follow us Instagram on @Rubix_architecture

What do you love about designing homes?

What I love about designing a home is being able to create a user-friendly space by really listening to what the client truly wants. I specialise in small compact sustainable eco-friendly living.

I try to design without the use of structural engineer’s involvement by keeping it to NZS 3604 Standards. 

But I also like to be creative, original and bold by keeping the design practical and straightforward with no wasted space. I also like to differ from the unexciting James Hardie weatherboard cladding, brick and roof tiled house but instead, use genuine simplistic and authentic materials.

What are your favourite cladding types?

I really like using Timber Shiplap weatherboard; I also really like Espan cladding, Hinuera Stone and Firth 10 Series blocks.

What is your best piece of advice for people looking at building a home?

The planning and designing stage is the most important part of the project, so don’t cut corners, don’t rush it to try to get a bargain! Because having a good relationship and trust with the designer will make you and your builder appreciate beautiful quality architectural plans and good detailing for a smooth building project. 

What do you love about your lifestyle in Raglan?

I absolutely love the outdoors, I am a keen surfer too and having the waves, the ocean and the beach right here is a true blessing! I really want to thank all my beautiful friends and family for the constant support! 

And thanks for following us on Instagram “Rubix_architecture”

In addition to this, Raglan is such a lively little town with a great sense of community that attracts very awesome friendly people, that is what I love about Raglan! 

Pictures featured are of a recent project at 340 Maungatawhiri Rd, Raglan. Head to their website to check out more of their work.