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What to do in Raglan this winter

July 23rd, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “What to do in Raglan this winter”

Instead of a winter getaway to the tropics this year, a winter getaway to Raglan is well worth the effort. While we’re all still adjusting to the new normal, there’s so many great opportunities to get out and travel your own backyard, and Raglan isn’t limited to it’s places to visit or things to do. We thought we’d share our pick of wholesome, valuable and adventurous things to do in Raglan while you’re planning a weekend trip to our little coastal town or simply keen to get out and enjoy your own backyard a little more!

Learn to surf at Ngarunui Beach

We’ll get the obvious one out of the way first, because you can’t really go past a surf lesson at one of our world-class surf breaks. Yes, it may be a little cold, but you’d be surprised how quickly you warm up paddling against the Raglan current in a thick wetsuit!

Head to Greenwave Raglan here, or Raglan surfing school website to book your lesson!

Enjoy some Yoga in the heart of Raglan

As you can imagine, Yoga is a popular pass time here in Raglan, which means we have some great studios to choose from! The Space is a popular spot as it’s right in town so you can grab your Raglan Roast flat white on your way out, and the Yoga Loft is a studio slightly out of town, but offers a larger space for their classes. Both warm and welcoming studios with amazing teachers. They also have a yoga studio at Raglan’s famous eco lodge Solscape, set up on the coastal hills of Raglan with an incredible view of the coastline. Check their timetables online via the links below.

Yoga at the Space.  Yoga at the Yoga loft. Yoga at Solscape.

Raglan walking tracks

You can explore some of New Zealand’s dense native bush, visit hidden waterfalls, climb a mountain and get some of the best views of the West coast all by foot in Raglan! Raglan offers a variety of great walking routes and trails, including the Te Ara Kakariki which is a mountain bike and horse riding trail that you can access near the beach at the end of Riria Kereopa Memorial Drive. Visit our Favourite Raglan walks blog post here for all the best walking tracks in the area.

You can also now access some of Rangitahi’s new walking tracks on the peninsula, which can be accessed on the western side of the peninsula linking through to Te Hutewai Rd.

Treat yourself to a Massage set amongst nature

Raglan’s a little spoilt when it comes to massage therapists! You won’t regret booking a massage with any of our lovely local therapists, who are each unique in their offerings. Haven Massage offer a variety of treatments whether it’s a massage for injury, stress or just pure relaxation, you will be treated in a beautiful little studio perched right amongst the bush. Here you will relax and unwind to the sounds of cicadas and all the surrounding bird life, it’s truly magical!

Rain massage is another beautiful zen studio space perched right next to the harbour, where you will be able to restore your being with a Relaxation or deep tissue massage and a personalised essential oil blend. You also have the choice to incorporate 10 minutes of Reiki during your session. Brodie at Rain massage has a truly beautiful presence and spirit that will take you away to another place during your treatment. Highly recommend!

Raglan Seaside massage is another beautiful clinic set amidst nature on the coastal hills of Raglan. Michelle has been specialising in healing through massage based out of her Raglan clinic for over 20 years!

Spoilt for choice! Head to their websites via the links below.

Book a Haven Massage. Book a Rain Massage. Book a Raglan seaside massage.

Experience Raglan’s coast on Horseback

Looking for something a little more adventurous? If you’ve got an adventurous spirit and want to do something a little different, you can explore our beautiful coast on horseback! Wild Coast Ruapuke offer incredibly unique horse treks over their farm and up Mt Karioi where not only will you have amazing views, you’ll get to ride through native bush, over streams and on the beautiful Ruapuke beach! They cater for all abilities and will provide a unique experience you won’t forget (or regret!) Book via their website here.

Visit our local Galleries

Our beautiful little town boasts creativity, a variety of local artists and galleries cluster around the place and are a great weekend activity. You can access a handy map to the various artists studios here, otherwise there are a few in town we would recommend visiting (and maybe purchasing something) while you’re here. One of our favourites would have to be local surf and landscape photographer B.rex photo design, a local of 45 years, Barrie captures Raglan at its best. His open studio is located right in town on Volcom Lane.

The Monster company are another local art studio well known for their quirky handmade ceramic treasures. A creative collab between 3 artists who work from an open workshop and gallery at 58 Wallis Street, Raglan. Definitely worth a visit!

Head to the wharf for fish and chips

There are a great selection of local businesses down at the Raglan wharf that are also worth the visit, including local potter Tony Sly, and it’s a picturesque spot to spend your afternoon while enjoying some local fish and chips! Try and time it with high tide as it’s beautiful at sunset on the high tide.

Why not come and check out our beautiful sections while you’re here, and make this a part of your lifestyle. Book a viewing via our booking page here. Available every weekend.


Our latest video and project feature in

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A recent article featured in talks about the project and the lifestyle The Rangitahi peninsula has to offer. Plus what you’ll expect to see with the impending homes to be built by our new residents and what’s in the works over the next few months…

“The Peacockes want the development’s residents to be inspired to build good quality homes for their families on the Raglan land, and create a life that promises beauty, nature and simplicity. Indeed, the Rangitahi Project has already attracted young families seeking a relaxed coastal lifestyle in a close-knit community, and also those after a holiday home at the beach.”

It features our latest marketing video, filmed at the completion of Stage one and two. Have a read of the article here, and check out our new video of the peninsula below!

NZ made building products we should be using in our homes

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We’re big believers in building homes for the future at Rangitahi. Be it sourcing sustainable building products, supporting local and buying NZ made furniture, or building an energy efficient home, there are so many ways you can work towards building a healthy home for yourself and for future generations. We thought we’d list our pick of sustainable, NZ made building and home products where not only will you be supporting local, but you’ll be building a home for the future.

Cavalier Bremworth: NZ made wool flooring

Cavalier Bremworth was recently voted NZ’s Most Trusted Brand in the carpet category of the annual Readers’ Digest poll for seven years running (2014 – 2020), and you can see why. They’ve been producing wool flooring in NZ for 50 years and are committed to making the world’s best from the factory to the floor. They produce beautiful woollen carpet of exceptional quality that comes from well looked after New Zealand farms. Their unique felted yarn technology that locks the woollen fibre together results in strong, chunkier textured carpet with intricate designs. Cavalier Bremworth are a great NZ product leading the way in beautiful, inspiring and naturally biodegradable carpet in New Zealand. Find their full range of carpet flooring on their website here.

Abodo: Carefully Crafted Timber

Abodo produces high performance architectural and structural timbers that are not only beautiful, but NZ made, sustainable and durable. At Abodo, they believe the lasting benefits and beauty of timber can be fully realised when the environment is treated with the respect it deserves. Their timbers are sustainably grown in NZ forests, whose rich soils and high annual rainfall ensure rapid growth and only take up 7% of NZ’s land mass. One of the coolest things about their philosophy is they apply what they call the 30/30 principle at harvest time, which means they ensure every tree milled will provide at least 30 years of service, as that’s how long it takes to grow a replacement tree.

They’re all about long lasting, beautiful timber with tomorrow in mind.

Because of its exceptional durability and weathering characteristics, Abodo wood is an excellent choice for coastal regions, and would make a great addition to your Rangitahi home. Find out more about their products on their website here.

Mammoth Insulation

If you’re looking for high performance, sustainable insulation, Mammoth are your guys. Mammoth insulation is made in NZ from 100% recyclable materials, and are designed to create warmer, healthier home environments. Their 100% polyester insulation is non-itch, non-toxic, safe to handle and made in New Zealand by a carboNZero certified manufacturer including fibres from recycled plastic bottles.

Mammoth polyester insulation products help create warmer, healthier, more energy efficient environments which helps to improve people’s health in addition to reducing carbon emissions. A great sustainable, kiwi-made option for your new home! Contact them on 0800 626 668 to find out more, or head to their website here.

Motide kitchens

Kiwi joinery company Motide use their love for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship to create beautiful, sustainable kitchens and furniture for your homes. Born and bred right here in Raglan, the team at Motide are passionate about creating beautiful kitchens and bespoke furniture that are unique to you and your home. They are committed to creating a product that will bring you joy daily, and envision healthy everyday living. Check out their stunning designs and projects on their website here, and get in touch for a consult!

CHH Plywood

Manufactured from sustainably-grown New Zealand plantation pine, CHH Plywood offers a range of appearance and performance rated plywood products, with familiar brands, such as Ecoply®, Shadowclad®, Handiply® and Pinoli.®

They’ve been operating in New Zealand for over 30 years and are highly regarded and trusted within the NZ constructions industry, offering a range of plywood products to support most projects, whether used alone or accented with other building materials.

All their manufacturing happens at the Tokoroa Mill, from sustainably-grown New Zealand plantation pine and is distributed across New Zealand and further afield. CHH Plywood is proud to manufacture products that offer durability, strength and design flexibility.

Browse their product range and request a sample on their website here.


Forma offers contemporary furniture that is proudly designed and handmade in New Zealand. Their unique products are the result of integrating a European influence with the NZ lifestyle, where you can be confident your home environment with reflect one of comfort and style. Not only this, but the timber used in all their furniture is from renewable resources, and they supply the offcuts to the local community. So by purchasing a Forma sofa that is built for a lifetime, you are also investing in the future of our planet.

Check out their beautiful range of products on their website here!

An interview with James Hardie: NZ fibre cement cladding products

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We recently had a chat with building product manufacturer James Hardie, a global leader in fibre cement products. Now operating in its 132nd year, the company continues to challenge convention within the construction industry and leads the way in delivering innovative building products and solutions. We chatted to them about the benefits of their products in the kiwi environment, and their commitment to sustainability.

I’m sure many already know you are a leading manufacturer of building products in NZ, specialising in exterior cladding, what are the various forms of cladding you produce in New Zealand?

James Hardie produce a wide range of panel and weatherboard fibre cement cladding products.  The variety of options gives greater design flexibility, from the large format panels to the deep shadow lines of Linea Weatherboard. You can also mix and match products allowing a combination of vertical and horizontal looks. 

James Hardie Stria Cladding and Linea Weatherboard

What makes these unique and suitable for the NZ environment?

Innovation is vital to maintaining our leading position in the fibre cement industry. We invest heavily in research and development, with a special emphasis on product quality and production efficiency to develop durable and low maintenance products that can stand the test of time.  Our products have been engineered to stand up to harsh conditions, including coastal conditions which make them ideal for the NZ environment.

What would you suggest is important to consider or take into account when choosing cladding for your home?

Choosing the right cladding for your home doesn’t just come down to the look, ensuring you select the right material is essential for a durable low maintenance home.  Important benefits of James Hardie fibre cement include:

  • Weather resistant – engineered to stand up to harsh conditions, including coastal conditions
  • Easy to clean – Fast and effective using just low-pressure water and a brush
  • Easy to paint – You can paint our cladding any colour you like.  From traditional white to darker, more contemporary shades.
  • Fire resistant – James Hardie claddings are classified as non-combustible materials
  • Durability – Resistant to fire and damage from moisture and rotting when installed and maintained correctly


What kind of cladding would you recommend for a modern coastal home on Rangitahi, that would be exposed to the elements?

We have a number of products suitable to the coastal environment on Rangitahi, but one that stands out is Stria Cladding. 

Stria Cladding is an ultra-sleek cladding option that plays with definitive lines and shadows. It has distinctive deep grooved lines and can be laid horizontally or vertically, introducing an interesting design feature to the walls of your home.

You can paint it the dark modern colours and laid vertically it makes a bold, architectural statement.

James Hardie Stria Cladding

What are some of the features and benefits of this particular product?

  • Engineered to stand up to harsh conditions, including coastal conditions
  • The interlocking edges allow for quick and easy installation
  • Wide panel format allows faster installation
  • Can be painted any colour, even the darker shades.
  • Cost effective and long lasting
  • Resistant to damage from moisture and rotting
  • Up to 60 minute fire resistance rating (FRR) can be achieved when installed as per the James Hardie Fire and Acoustic Design Manual
  • Classified as non-combustible material
  • Low maintenance
  • 15 year product warranty


Why should someone choose James Hardie over other NZ cladding options?

The benefits that come with choosing a premium fibre cement product:

Engineered for durability, fibre cement is resistant to fire and damage from moisture and rotting, making it the ideal low maintenance alternative to traditional building materials.

Fibre cement offers both contemporary and flexible design options and is used by many New Zealanders to create stunning facades. The simple combination of cellulose fibre, sand, cement and water, give the product its strength to stand the test of time.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your brand & products?

Our products are manufactured with a focus on reducing their environmental impact, using sustainable and low toxicity products with minimal volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). We have continued to invest heavily in the development and design of fibre cement products that are durable, low maintenance and energy efficient.

We are committed to ecologically sustainable development (ESD) principles. As part of this commitment we measure ourselves against the following criteria:

  • Water and resource conservation
  • Energy consumption and management
  • Use of renewable and recyclable resources as raw materials
  • Avoiding the use of environmentally damaging raw materials
  • Pollution reduction e.g. treatment of water before its disposal into public storm water
  • Protection of the natural environment

The programs we’ve put in place to focus on these ESD principles have considerably improved the resource and energy efficiency of our operations and building systems. They will also ensure an ongoing improvement in the environmental performance of our products and services.

Head to their website here to find out more about their products and how they can assist in building your new home!

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