Peninsula updates - Rangitahi

Peninsula updates

It’s been another exciting month at Rangitahi, as we released the first 20 sections for pre sale in our latest Stage 3, The Plateau. The Plateau is a unique part of the peninsula that brings with it great diversity in nature, community and land, and offers some of the best views on Rangitahi!

There are only 20 sections in the initial release of stage three, all of which are pre-construction. These sections are a great option for those wanting to secure a beautiful coastal piece of land for their future, as titles aren’t expected until June 2021. With just a 10% deposit, you could secure your new home now with time to get your ducks in a row and start building mid next year!

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It’s been great to see plenty of visitors to Rangitahi the last month, whether it’s checking out the sections or walking our western shoreline track, we’re happy to see it being enjoyed by the community! Our Western shoreline walking track is now accessible and takes you along the edge of the peninsula all the way to the Golf course. It also connects to our Eastern shoreline track which is now being constructed and will be accessible within the next 2 months.

With plenty of construction happening on the peninsula, it’s a great time to come and check it out. There are currently 4 new builds underway with another half a dozen expected to start in the coming months. Stay up to date via our socials, and make sure you check out some of the peninsula house designs & download our guidelines & covenants here. We’re also 2 weeks away from being based out of our new temporary sales office in the Village Core. We look forward to seeing you there soon!

Stay well, The Rangitahi Team.