Meet Emma: Owner of The Hut coffee shop - Rangitahi

Meet Emma: Owner of The Hut coffee shop

Meet Emma, The first small business owner to be operating in the Rangitahi village. We are so stoked to have someone keen to make delicious coffees for us on the regular! Emma has ticked all the boxes when it comes to being eco-friendly and is always looking for ways to lessen her environmental footprint which we support whole heartedly. By using Coaster coffee brewed here in Raglan by local guy Malcom Hutt just over the harbour, the beans are as fresh as you can get on a daily basis.

The Hut has become a hive of activity during smoko for the builders on the peninsula, as well as for the section owners on the weekend and other families just coming over to enjoy the peninsula, go for a walk and listen to the birdsong at the harbours edge. Emma brings a certain something to the scene with her friendly face and good chat! We asked Emma a few questions about starting her business in Raglan and what we can expect from the Hut in the future as her business grows…

When did you decide you wanted to open a coffee shop?  I never anticipated opening a coffee shop in Raglan, and the thought was pretty daunting at first, but I’m really grateful to have been given the opportunity and have been amazed by the support of the local community.

What type of coffee do you serve? I use Coaster Coffee which is roasted locally by Malcolm Hutt. He has a wealth of knowledge of coffee and has worked in the industry for a long time. You will only find his beans at The Hut or the local Creative market once a month.

What can we find on your menu? I bake savoury scones or muffins daily and there are yummy sourdough toasted sandwiches always available. There are always cookies and we are working on a plan to have pies available soon too. This week there is carrot cake and brownie which will be regular items from now on. I am open to trying new things as we gain momentum and get busier!

Tell us about the hut and what your plans are for the future of the hut… I really wanted to incorporate the ethos of Raglan into The Hut and am trying to be as eco-minded as possible. I don’t use throwaway cups and encourage people to either have here, bring their own or borrow a cup from our mug library. I mostly shop locally and use suppliers like Raglan Top Cut Butchery, Dreamview Creamery and SWOP who offer good solutions to help minimise the waste from packaging. As the area starts to develop, I would love to incorporate a flower stall and work with The Rangitahi Team to get a fresh produce farmers market happening with The Hut being at the hub of it all!

What do you love about living and working in Raglan? Many things! Raglan is a place with a community of people that have strong values and I love living amongst that vibe. After spending so much time living away from NZ it has been nice to find a place to call home that ticks so many boxes. I have been blown away by the support of the community here.

How would you describe the peninsula? I have front row seats to watching the peninsula unfold!  A lot of thought and planning has gone into the development of Rangitahi and it will be really interesting to see the neighbourhood take shape in the years to come.

Next time you head out for a morning coffee and scone date, head over to the peninsula, meet Emma, and enjoy the views at 26 Rangitahi Road, Raglan. See you there!