Auckland couple Paige & Jack can't wait to build their dream eco home on Rangitahi - Rangitahi

Auckland couple Paige & Jack can’t wait to build their dream eco home on Rangitahi

We recently chatted to young couple Paige & Jack, who have relocated from Auckland to start their new laid-back lifestyle in Raglan and build their dream eco home on Rangitahi!

We understand you both have relocated from Auckland recently, what inspired you to make the move to Raglan? How did you find moving from the big smoke to a small town?

The pressure of Auckland living and financial strain due to high rental prices 20and lengthy delays on every commute eventually made the decision to move out of Auckland a no brainer. Paige grew up in the Waikato and Raglan was always the town to get away to enjoy the relaxed and happy vibe so seamlessly. Jack loves to surf and grew up in West Auckland near Piha. The west coast feels like home to him so Raglan was an easy choice for the both of us. It has everything we need to settle down and Rangitahi seemed like a great opportunity to buy a section that would give us the chance to build our new home right by the water… We wouldn’t be able to afford that in Auckland! Moving to a small town has definitely simplified life and we still pinch ourselves at how great life has become since moving here and are super happy with our decision to do so.

What do you love most about living in Raglan, and what do you get up to in your spare time?

We love the community feel, the open minded people here and getting involved with community driven events. We have two dogs so always make time to explore new walking tracks with them. We have recently got involved with a great community driven group Karioi Project and have been trapping the Indicators area. Jack loves to surf and Paige has a new found love for Pilates, thanks to Eden at Lifted. We enjoy the simple things in life, especially a coconut flat white from one of the few coffee spots in town.

You made the great decision to buy a section on The Rangitahi Peninsula, what was it that attracted you to our new subdivision?

When we first started looking at moving to Raglan this is one of the first properties we heard about. Buying into a new urban sustainable neighbourhood really appealed to us and we like that the developers are encouraging interesting buildings that steer away from the ‘norm’ to fit with Raglan’s ideal. We also felt that this would help protect our asset hoping we wouldn’t be amongst substandard suburban homes and would encourage people to think outside the box when designing their homes to make every home unique.

What type of home are you planning to build on Rangitahi? How many bedrooms and what kind of materials are you thinking of using? E.g. Cladding materials

We are planning to build a pretty basic 3-bedroom home that is fit for purpose, no unnecessary spaces and necessary luxuries only. We like the idea of utilising every bit of space in a home and building a house that works for us. Entertaining is on the top of our list, so a kitchen, living and outdoor space that flows seamlessly will be our aim. We are really keen to make our home as energy efficient as possible to reduce the building’s ecological footprint. Would love it to be an ultra-low energy building that requires little energy for space heating and cooling (a lot of research yet to be done on building style and materials).

Who will be building your home for you?

Hoult Construction of course, along with our great team of builders and sub trades.

Tell us a bit about your building business and how you started in Raglan? What kind of homes do you build?

Before starting Hoult Construction Jack was a project manager in Auckland managing large commercial jobs. Once the decision to move to Raglan was made we got underway with planning to start a residential construction company here. An opportunity to do an eco deconstruction in Raglan as our first project was a great way to meet members of the community, sub trades and the team doing amazing things up at Xtreme Xero Waste. Now we are taking on most types of construction work, from residential new builds, renovations, fit outs, and commercial work. We are proud to have recently become members of the New Zealand Builder’s Association and offer a 10 year building guarantee with our work. We believe building up a good support network with sub trades and suppliers around the area has been key. We look forward to supporting other small businesses making their living in this beautiful coastal town.

Get in touch with Hoult Construction if you’re after a local trusted builder!

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