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5 of our favourite Raglan Artists

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Raglan is full of talented creatives, it produces some incredible art, so we’d thought we’d share with you some of our favourite Raglan artists to help you fill your home with beautiful local art!

Brodie Reynolds is a Raglan based artist who works predominantly with oil paints to create mystical nature scenes, both real and imagined. She works with the notion of an ever-changing landscape, and the powerful unveiling of a single moment in time. The transparent layers in her work, explore a sense of lost and found, sometimes easily identifiable but often mysterious and ethereal. Layers of hazy mist dance around in the light, creating movement and discovery, and with this comes a sense of anticipation and discovery. New effects and “happy accidents”, keeps her practise fresh and organic.

“I like to tap into the emotions that arise when we connect, converse, and surrender to the beauty around us. Time stands still, there are unseen forces present, and for a moment, there is a world of infinite possibilities”.

We love Brodies’ works, they are a real striking piece to have in your home and will really set the mood for a space.

Get in touch, or find more on her work here.


When Jane Galloway moved to Raglan in the 90’s, she was immediately inspired to start up her lifelong passion of painting again, and has since become a successful well known Raglan artist. Raglan’s rugged coastline and harbour provided many subjects and some sell-out shows, and in the last several years she has spent less time conveying these beautiful coastal vistas as her concern for how we are affecting our natural world has grown. Her works will bring a real coastal, natural vibe to your home. More on her art here, or purchase her exclusive prints online here.

“It is a wonderful process to constantly need to clarify and understand my perception of life, art and the environment – a work in progress.”


Having grown up in Raglan, Sam Mathers is as local as they come. His work represents contemporary art that allows any viewer to connect with his paintings in some aspect. He incorporates iconic and recognisable elements with the odd & the interesting. Adding character and a natural aspect with deliberate scratch marks, paint drips and weather-beaten marks. Sam has an eclectic, colourful style that quite frankly we love, and would bring a sense of modernity to any home!

More on his website here.

An iconic Raglan creative collab, The Monster Company hold a cosy, open studio workshop and gallery on Wallis st in Raglan, where you can check out their beautiful hand crafted pieces. Made with wood, clay and mixed media, it’s obvious they pour their heart and soul into each of their handmade pieces that all 3 of the artists behind the project contribute to in some way. Their pieces will bring a warm, fun, homely touch to your house or home.

“Balancing a production workshop whilst staying true to our creativity is a constant task. We support each other with or skills like a three legged stool without each other we would topple over.”

Find them open everyday at 58 Wallis st, Raglan, or purchase straight off their website here. Some of their pieces you’ll also find at Jet collective in Raglan town, 12 Bow st.


Geraldine Burns or g. DESIGN is one of our favourite Raglan photographers. It’s more than just the image for Geraldine, it’s about telling a story, capturing a mood. Geraldine’s style is described as raw, real and moody with strong graphic elements. She captures a different Raglan to the blue skies, sunsets and wave shots that a lot of people photograph. She adores the winter for imagery – when the town empties, the mist rolls in… Raglan catches it’s breath.
Some would say ‘the real Raglan’ the earthy tones of green and grey and black, winter mist, the rugged coast and the empty, quiet spaces. Her images evoke emotion in the viewer, and hence have a way of bringing a real mood to a room.

You can find out more about her work, where to buy it, and her exhibitions and galleries here.


You’ll also get the chance to hunt out more local work at the Raglan Arts weekend this Easter! Raglan’s famous open studio art trail. More info here.

Raglans laidback lifestyle & unique community featured on

January 8th, 2020 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “Raglans laidback lifestyle & unique community featured on”

A great article featured in Stuff and the Waikato times over the weekend, celebrating the diversity and success of Raglan businesses that make our community so unique. The Rangitahi Project is also featured, along with all the top spots to eat & visit in Raglan.

“Given its size, the town is endowed with an extraordinary number of high quality food producers including a resident chocolatier, a sourdough bread baker, two coffee roasters and a coconut yoghurt maker as well as people making organic pesto, Argentinian salsa, Dutch waffles and gourmet ice blocks.”

Read the full article here.

It’s great to see our little town getting recognised for what we do best! Rangitahi can offer you a sustainable lifestyle just a stones throw away from the heart of Raglan, check out our water view sections for sale & get in touch here if you’d like to know more.


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